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The Usadha Healing Journey

Pre–Treatment Cleansing Ritual (Melukat)
Your healing journey starts with a brief mind cleansing ritual lead by our Therapist and is continued with cleaning your body. The combination is called Melukat in Balinese tradition aimed for a peaceful state of your body, mind and spirit to welcome the healing treatments in the best possible condition.

It is also believed in Balinese life that this ritual will drive away all negative energy from your body, mind and spirit which create anger, greed, revenge and unhappiness, so that we all become wiser and thankful.

The Healing Benefits
A stimulating and warming effect are two of the more widely used treatments and concepts in alternative medicine. In traditionally Balinese herb and spices believed to help aid digestions and relieve aches through the increase of blood circulation, nourishing and warming for the body and soul.

Balinese Boreh application will enhance the bodies ‘chi’ or ‘life energy’, to relieve muscle aches and pains, assist in detoxification and increase blood circulation. Balinese healing massage work on tension area to release muscles tired and stimulate energy flow.
At the end of your treatment, Balinese Herbals tea is offered to complete the warming of the body.


USADHAGIZING (120 Minutes) | IDR 1.750.000++

The Usadhagizing begins with Herbals body cleansing, continued with Balinese body scrub inside the cleansing area.

Massage with citrus oil is a good choice to stimulate energy flow and keep the body warm.
Balinese body wrap including herbals milk bath will keep your body warm and energized.

USADHASOOTHE (120 Minutes) | IDR 1.750.000++

The Usadha soothe begins with herbals Body cleansing, followed byBalinese body scrub application inside the cleansing area.Massagewith floral oil is a circular long stroke entire your body to stimulate your nerve system while effectively release tensions on your muscles. Balinese Body wrap application includingherbal milk bath to rejuvenate and refreshed.

USADHALANCING (120 Minutes) | IDR 1.750.000++

This treatment has the potential to balance your energy and increase vitality.
The Usadhalancing begins with herbals body cleansing followed by Balinese scrub application insidethe cleansing area. Massage with herbals oil working very deeply to ease muscle and joint pain. Balinese Body wrap including herbals bath will balance yourenergy and increase your vitality.

HOLY WATER BLESSING (120 Minutes) | IDR 1.750.000++
The Blessing holy water is poured for purification and the person performing the ceremony will chant mantras in ancient Sanskrit and include prayer and offerings. The water is significant because it represents chi or the flow of energy.
The Treatment begins with singing bowl to provide a deep relaxation through soothing resonant sound affecting your body to a cellular level and opening up the flow of energy within your body. This process will bring the body back to a vibrational alignment that is harmonious with good health.

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