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TAPAK KALIH HEALING– 90 minutes | IDR 1.700.000
(Duo therapists)

The Tapak Kalih Healing Massage widely called Usadha Rwa Bhineda in the ancient time where duo therapists work on the client at the same time. The therapists usually work together in a pattern or rhythm to create a sensory bliss for the mind and body. Truly a wonderful experience! Or the client might want specific bodywork done to meet the goals.This treatment is combined with Usadha Boreh application infused Arak, applied on the tension areas, it will surely loosen up a stressed and tired body for a total relaxation and healing.

TAPAK TUNGGAL HEALING- 90 minutes | IDR 1.250.000

This is one of the Ancient Traditional Balinese Healing Massages performed by applying the ancient Balinese traditional healing techniques such as acupressure, stretching, palm and thumb pressure, the use of hot volcanic stone glade with long stokes at your entire body to stimulate energy flow, strengthen and balance it. These are effective in relieving muscle tension and improving your blood circulation. This treatment is combined with an application of Usadha Boreh infused arak on the problem areas, it will surely loosen up a stressed and tired body for a complete relaxation and healing.

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