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Flower Bath Rituals

In the past, Flower Bathidenticalwiththe sacredandmystical, nowadays it is more for health benefits as the main media elements which are waterand flowersable to deliverfreshnessand love to your soul and body, put awaystress, andalsohave an important rolein enhancingthe immunesystem.


Flower is always related to the philosophy of beauty and good things, while the fragrancesymbolizes the aura which can be sensed by people around. The bath Rituals will begin with Balinese flower scrub to exfoliating your skin and feel fresh.

Vitality Flower Spa – 60 Minutes IDR 350.000++
This concentrated bath treatment wakes up your whole body. This bath is invigorating and exhilarating making it most helpful for people with low energy.

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