a journey to an ancient Balinese healing

Welcome to Usadha spa

a journey to an ancient Balinese healing

Usadha Spa – the meaning of usadha symbol is a journey to an ancient Balinese healing. When hot energy symbolized by black square box, blended with the cold energy illustrated as lines surrounded the black square box, it produces a balanced energy good for healing, shown as the two most outer lines of the symbol.

To put the above into real life, every morning all our therapists practice tai-chi-fu (a unique combination between tai-chi and kung-fu) in order to collect all the balanced energy to energize themselves and transfer the healing energy later on during treatments. You are welcome to join them from 08.30 – 09.00 at the spa area. Usadha Bali at our spa is an ancient Balinese healing experience you will appreciate to have, at least once in a life-time. 

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Usadha Specialty

Healthy Spa to balance your Doshas
Doshas are three energies that define every person’s well being

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These Short & Sweet special packages are designed to provide relaxation while maintaining your health

The Magic Sense

A treatment designed to stimulate energy with the aid of healing treatment to balance and reduce stress


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Tai-Chi-Fu Area

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